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Organization Chart and Phone Number and Brief Introduction of Each Department

Business Segaments:

Family Tour Department:  Organizing inbound trip for foreigners and outbound trip for Chinese people, Arranging culture exchange program. Providing 13 guides speaking English, French, Spanish and Japanese
Phone number: 010-85169916/9917

Europe Tourism Department:Organizing inbound trip for foreigners, International Book Exhibition and high level culture exchanges among government departments and enterprises. Providing guide speaking English.
Phone number: 010-85169969


Europe and America Department: Organizing International Book Exhibition and high level culture exchanges among government departments and enterprises.
                Providing guide speaking English
Phone number: 010-85169955/9956

Japanese Department:Acceptance Japanese and Japanese students’ inbound trip, culture exchanges and outbound trip to Japan for Chinese citizens. Providing reservations, car rental and other individual services, with 9 guides speaking Japanese

Phone number:010-85169953/9936


Convention and Exhibition Department:Acceptance of international and domestic exhibition and convention. Providing guide speaking Chinese and English
  Phone number: 010-85169835/9746


Outbound Tourism Department:Organizing outbound trip, conference group etc. for Chinese people. Providing tour leader speaking Chinese and English, provide visa, reservations, car rental and other individual services overseas. There are 25 tour leaders in the department now.
Phone number: 010-85169705/9711


Inland Tourism Department:Organizing domestic and outbound trip for Chinese people, arranging culture exchange program and providing reservations, car rental service and 9 guides speaking Chinese.
Phone number: 010-85169802/9816

Ticket Center: Both international and domestic air ticket or train ticket purchase and transfer service
 Phone number: 010-65281661/65130141


Electronic Commerce DepartmentCWTS flagship store, settled in Tmall in Aug.2013, sales outbound and domestic tourism products, tickets, hotels, visa and day tour products.
Phone number: 010- 85169990/9985

Finance Department: Responsible for company financial budget and final accounts work; responsible for the audit of the current bill, reimbursement; responsible for asset management; formulate relevant departments economic responsibility system; responsible for the financial and operational status of the relevant departments of the inspection and supervision; responsible for the charge system of construction and management.

Phone number: 010- 85169998

The Office: To assist the leadership of the agency to handle daily administrative affairs; responsible for the drafting of important reports and comprehensive documents; responsible for secretarial, archives, complaint correspondence, reception, newsletters, publicity and suggest proposals; responsible for office automation and  information technology etc.; responsible for the vehicle scheduling and daily management work.

Phone number: 010- 85169983

Human Resource: Responsible for the construction of the whole agency’s management system, human resource planning. Responsible for recruiting, training, daily management, performance appraisal and salary and welfare management of the whole agency.

Phone number: 010- 85169851